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Welcome to the Alpenland Gerlos

If you find your thoughts wandering more and more to the mountains, if you can already see the snow-covered winter landscape or the flowering alpine meadows in your mind’s eye, and all you can think of is wellness and relaxation, then it’s time for a holiday here with us at the Alpenland, your 4-star hotel with breakfast in the heart of Gerlos.


Leave your everyday cares behind without any hesitation. Instead, it’s time to concentrate on what really matters: time for enjoyment, time for tranquillity, time for nature, time for adventures.


We are looking forward to you visiting us at the Alpenland!

Yours, the Kammerlander family

Closer to nature

One thing is certain: the Tyrolean mountain world will touch and enchant you with its majestic beauty. During the summer months, our BERG AKTIV fitness and vital programme will reveal the heavenly places that Gerlos has to offer. In winter the wonderful slopes of the Zillertal Arena will entice you outdoors. And it won’t be long until you sense that the strongest place of power is still nature.

Closer to tranquillity

A holiday that is enjoyable in every way has to include time in the spa and wellness area. It’s entirely up to you whether you sample the pleasant water in our indoor pool, enjoy the invigorating heat of the sauna, or prefer just to chill in the relaxation area. But wherever you are, you can be certain of one thing: only peace and relaxation await you.

Closer to enjoyment

Have a lie-in for once, a good stretch and then an ample breakfast: our gourmet breakfast awaits you, with everything your heart desires – the perfect start to your day. If hunger pangs should strike during the day, we will ply you with fresh snacks at our hotel bar. And you’ll also find your favourite drink here, for a relaxed way to end your day.

Closer to experiences

Here in Gerlos you clearly won’t have any time for sitting in your room – there’s simply much too much to discover and experience. So much in fact, that you are almost spoiled for choice. But don’t worry – even if you can’t manage everything this time, the next holiday is sure to come along!

Aktuelle Pauschalen

Berg Aktiv

23.06.2024 - 20.09.2024

Den Sommer in Gerlos aktiv erleben!

Preis pro Person ab EUR 457,00

Ab in die Berge

23.06.2024 - 20.09.2024

Näher am Erlebnis!

Preis pro Person ab EUR ab 282,00